Volador Energy

Volador Energy

Infinite Energy, Infinite Possibilities

Advanced Liquid Immersion Cooled Batteries

The modular design of these batteries makes it suitable for any sector and application including Aerospace, Houses/Buildings, Marine, Logistics/Freight and more

Our state-of-the-art technology employs liquid immersion cooling using dielectric fluid, ensuring superior thermal management. These batteries boast a unique contact method for connection, enhancing efficiency, and feature advanced battery management systems.

Meet The Team

Having previous experience from Airbus (Europe) and Pratt & Whitney (Canada) and leading a team of engineers to design electric aircraft from concept to completion. Holds Masters’ Degree in Aerospace Design. Has Entrepreneur, Strategic Business Management & Corporate Strategy from University of Cambridge and London Business School.

Sachin Ramesh

Founder and CEO

With over a decade of experience, including roles at Universite Paris Saclay, Caterpillar Inc, and Ford Motor Company, he is a seasoned professional in EV and Battery design. He brings expertise from being technical lead at TATA Motors and awards for innovative design and patents.

Pranav Nagaveykar

Lead Battery Engineer

With a Master's degree from Cranfield University, Venkat combines academic prowess with hands-on experience. As researcher at Cranfield University, his expertise includes energy management, hardware/software development, mechanical design, and BMS design, showcasing his commitment to advanced battery engineering.

Venkatasubramanian Lakshminarayanan

Battery Systems Engineer

With over two decades of leadership and senior management experience working with various multi-national and Fortune 500 companies, joins VFT as a Finance and Management advisor. He also currently advises several high growth early stage start-ups and sits as Global Director at Institution of Management Accountants, USA.

Gopinath Mallipatna


With over 2 decades of leadership experience in business strategy, communication and marketing. Prominent positions in Innovate UK and previous senior positions in UK Department for international trade. Also, advisor to several high growth startups, supporting them in their growth journey and scale-up strategies.

Richard Carey-Evans

Innovate UK Growth Advisor

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