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Meet the 8 startups attending Innovate UK’s incubator programme in Singapore

The Innovate UK Global Incubator Programme, which aims to foster collaborations between UK companies and Singapore’s vibrant startup ecosystem, has returned to Singapore.

This year, the programme’s focus is sustainability and cleantech.

Innovate UK Global Incubator Programme is an initiative between Singapore Deep Tech Alliance (SDTA), Better Earth Ventures (BEV), and Innovate UK.

Eight UK-based startups have been selected for the programme. The 8-month incubation will feature two immersion visits to Singapore, one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and expert sessions focused on their product development and go-to-market strategy.

The participating startups will also get an opportunity to leverage SDTA’s and BEV’s professional networks and resources.

Jon Hazell, Partnership Manager – Global Incubator at Innovate UK, remarked: “As a hub of sustainability and innovation, Singapore offers a fertile ground for global ventures seeking to make a difference. Understanding the intricacies of the local business landscape is key to navigating not just Singapore but the broader ASEAN markets. Our collaboration with SDTA and BEV marks a pivotal milestone for UK deep-tech companies, facilitating a deeper understanding of Southeast Asia’s unique dynamics and fostering collaboration & innovation with fellow industry pioneers to drive impactful solutions and enrich the regional ecosystem.”

Below are the brief bios of the eight startups:

Compact Syngas Solution (CSS)A company that has developed a modular gasification technology for the production of hydrogen, power and heat from waste. CSS caters to waste management companies to help them reduce waste and convert waste into new valuable resources.

Molymem: A company that has developed a range of new nanofiltration ceramic products for water and wastewater applications through its proprietary coating technology.

FloatSync: FloatSync is developing a disruptive plastic recycling system that can process material. Its systems can be deployed at any location around the world, fitting a 20-foot shipping container tackling six plastic types.

Waterwhelm: Forward Osmosis technology water reuse and desalination, cutting electricity consumption by 80 per cent and capital costs by 35 per cent.

Persium: Air pollution analytics, simulation and solutions with IoT sensors, analysis platform, and global consultancy.

BioBright LTD: Merging monitoring tech with algae cultivation for real-time environmental monitoring and efficient carbon dioxide sequestration.

Water Offsets LtdDelivers circular water economies by integrating AI, smart water monitoring, water reuse and climate forecasting.

Volador Energy: Immersion-cooled battery tech, with a modular design and weld-free construction, enhances performance and efficiency by up to 40 per cent.